Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.  If you can't find what you are looking for, a member of our team will be happy to talk with you!

Q. Why should we stream live?
A. INTERACTIVITY!  The best thing about streaming live is that viewers from around the world can interact via Twitter, email, text, etc, by sending in questions and comments.  The questions can be answered live as they come in.

Q. Can we encourage our audience to send in questions about our event through social media?  And can these questions appear on the screen on stage?
A. YES!  We can receive live questions about your event and put them up on the screen as they come in.  These questions are first passed through a moderator to ensure only appropriate questions and comments are shown.

Q. Can our stream be private?  We don’t want the world to see.
A. YES!  We can make your stream password-protected so only people in your organization can tune in.

Q. Can you embed the stream into our website?
A. YES!  We can work with your web developer to embed the stream into your existing website.  Or we can make a custom site [] where your live stream and archived streams can be stored and easily accessed.

Q. What if our venue has slow internet?
A. No problem!  We will work with a local telecommunications company and have them install a dedicated internet line for the event.  If this is not possible, we have specialized equipment and antennas to ensure maximum upload speeds using LTE technologies.

Q. Can you also provide a sound system, staging, lights, and projectors?
A. YES!  We have extensive experience in providing sound, staging, lighting, and projectors for all kinds of events.

Q. Can we get a recorded copy of the filmed event?
A. Of course!  We record each event.  If you want a shorter version of the event, we can edit the video to include only the sections you want.

Q. Our event is outdoors.  Are you able to broadcast with no internet connection?
A. YES!  We can broadcast your event from our production van, utilizing the latest in LTE technology.

Q. How will you ensure our event will run flawlessly?
A. Backups and Redundancies!  To ensure your broadcast goes live and stays live, we have a lot of backup equipment.  In the event of a power disruption, our battery backups will keep the live stream running.

Q. We already have a sound system.  Can you use our sound system instead of bringing your own?
A.  If your sound system meets our requirements for streaming, then YES!  If it doesn’t, we may need to bring in additional equipment to provide quality audio for the stream.

Q. We already have a company providing a sound system for our event.  Can you work with them to get what you need?
A. YES!  We will coordinate directly with the sound company to ensure we get the correct audio feed for the stream.

Q. How many cameras should we have?
A. For corporate events, AGM’s, and meetings, we recommend at least 2-3 cameras and PowerPoint integration.  This keeps things more interesting for viewers.  For concerts and interactive streams, we recommend 3-4 cameras.  This increases the production value and will make your stream look like anything on TV.

Q. Is streaming cost-effective?
A.  YES!  Compared to the costs of travel/transportation/food for people come to your event, streaming is a very cost-effective solution.  Live streaming allows you to have an unlimited number of viewers watching your event for a fraction of the cost of paying for them to be there in person.

Q. Do you do two-way video conferencing?
A. YES!  If you want to connect 2 or more locations with video, we have the equipment and expertise to connect the videos together for your organization into one event.

Q. We have pre-made video content we want to show during our event.  Can this be streamed?
A. YES!  We can play back video content that you own or have created.  We cannot stream any content that you don’t own or have proper rights to, because of copyright infringement.


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