Live Streaming


Stream Live Canada can come to your event with cameras, lights, and specialized hardware, streaming your video feed onto the internet in real time.  Using hardwired connections or LTE technology, we broadcast your event online.  The stream can be public or can be private-access only, whichever you prefer.

Live streaming is an excellent option for corporate meetings, seminars, and conferences.  Streaming your business’s events over the internet allows employees to participate from anywhere in the world, reducing travel and accommodation costs while maximizing participation.  Using social media, viewers are able to interact live by sending in comments and questions, which can be responded to at the event.

Streaming is also perfect for concerts, sports events, and fundraisers!  We can set up a custom webpage for you that includes a “Donate Now” button, encouraging viewers to participate financially while they watch your event.

If your location has limited access to fast internet, no worries!  We can supply the necessary network infrastructure to stream the video  in real time, never losing the connection.